MY BEST FRIEND                                                                                                                                               THE NIGHTS I REMEMBERED WHEN HE WOULD JUMP ON THE BED ,
                                         HE WOULD LAY THERE AND STARE UNTIL I PET HIS HEAD.
                                         I BELIEVE THE REASON HE WOULD GIVE ME THAT STARE , 
                                         IT WAS HIS WAY OF SAYING , I`M STILL HERE.
                                         IN THE QUIET OF THE DARK  I COULD HEAR HIM SIGH ,
                                         IT WAS HIS WAY OF SAYING , I`M STILL NEAR BY.

                                         NOW THE NIGHTS ARE LONELY , MY FRIEND IS`NT THERE ,
                                         NO MORE REACHING DOWN TO PET HIS HAIR.
                                         NO MORE SIGHS IN THE NIGHTS ON THIS LONELY BED ,
                                         MY BEST FRIEND IS GONE ,GOD HAS TAKEN HIM  HE`S DEAD.

                                         THERE ARE NIGHTS I THINK I FEEL HIS STARE,
                                         I REACH DOWN TO PET HIS HAIR.
                                         FOR ALL THESE NIGHTS , IT`S HARD TO BARE,
                                         MY FRIEND IS GONE , HE`S NO LONGER THERE.
                                         I FALL ASLEEP WITH TEARS IN MY EYES ,
                                         HE`S NOW IN HEAVEN , WAITING IN THE SKIES.
                                         NO MORE PAINS , NO MORE MISERY,
                                         WE HAD A GREAT LIFE , WE HAVE A GREAT HISTORY.

                                                                      I MISS YOU SCOUT






                                                                    MY MEMORIAL VIDEO FOR SCOUT